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Note: It is not necessary for you to have read Gods and Thrones first, in order to completely understand and enjoy Gods of Ground Zero. However, after reading both books - you will have then been made aware of a number of biblical truths that will transform the way in which you understand the deepest messages of God's Word.
Defender Publishing Group | Aug. 2018
* Jesus compares Satan to a specific "tree" in the Garden of Eden -
and more than once?
* Jesus compares Himself to a specific "tree" in the Garden of Eden
- and more than once?
* A renowned OT passage compares Satan to a "tree in the Garden of Eden?"
* Jesus prayed at a certain spot in the Garden of Gethsemane, for a very specific reason?
* Jesus actually mentions the Garden of Eden in the last moments of his life?
* Satan himself was actually in the Garden, and not a "snake," or Satan inside of a snake, or Satan "using" a snake? Did you know that the Bible definitively confirms this truth?
* Jesus actually tied the Garden of Eden to the city of Jerusalem?
* There is a very clear and important reason why Jerusalem is the center of a great spiritual war - happening right before our eyes - and has been from the very beginning?
* Numerous renowned Bible scholars have confirmed every single one of the above assertions?

What does all this mean?

You'll be shocked when you find out what the Bible really says ... There are many more of these kinds of biblical surprises that await you in GODS OF GROUND ZERO.

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Defender Publishing Group | Aug. 2018
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