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The Return of Israel
Jerusalem in possession of returned Israel
All of the necessary Biblical endtimes' technologies in place
Russia in the Middle East with its troops - in Syria
China in the Middle East with its troops - in Syria
Russia, China, and Iran (Persia) in alliance
The nations of Ezekiel 38 aligning themselves against returned Israel
The "marking" of every single person on the planet - with a U.N. "go" date in place
Globally pervasive tracking, spying, and biometric technologies in use
Transhumanism, animal/human hybrids, and "eternal life" technologies in the headlines of the mainstream media
The "Sodom and Gomorah Spirit" ushered in by the planet's largest Christian nation ...
The rise of ISIS, the extinction of Christianity in the Middle East, the re-Islamization of Turkey, the collapse of national borders of world super powers, an unprecedented Shemitah outpouring, Orthodox Jews coming to Christ, Muslims coming to Christ, the Western church in a state of increasing apostasy, China slated to soon be the largest Christian nation in history ...
The Lion is Roaring - The Day is Coming Like a Flood
How should the church, and individual Christians, live in "such a time as this?"
Carl Gallups has been given the ability to answer the questions that are silently in all our hearts these days and to do so following God's Word. - Jim Bakker, host of the Jim Bakker Show
See Carl Gallups on worldwide Christian television
See Carl Gallups on worldwide Christian television
TBN, CTN, The Jim Bakker Show, Christ in Prophecy, Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis, The Herman and Sharron Show, SkyWatchTV, and more...
TBN, CTN, The Jim Bakker Show, Christ in Prophecy, Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis, The Herman and Sharron Show, SkyWatchTV, and more...
What the world needs is a review about what has happened biblically in the last few decades and how that corresponds with present and coming events. Author, Carl Gallups, accomplishes this in his latest book, When the Lion Roars - Dr. Herman Bailey
37-year host of It's Time with Herman & Sharron
When The Lion Roars keeps you on the edge of your seat, while supplying amazing wisdom and understanding to help prepare the Bride of Messiah Yeshua for our times. Anointed!
- Messianic Rabbi Zev Porat, Founder - Messiah of Israel Ministries
Riveting. "When the Lion Roars" is a book that belongs on every believer's bedside table, to be read, referenced and pondered over and over again. Pastor and prognosticator Carl Gallups has given America a great gift -- an easy-to-read and fast-moving explanation of where we are as a country and as a world, and how we can respond on an individual basis to the evils that swirl.
- Cheryl Chumley, writer, author, speaker
Wow! If you ever had doubts whether we are in the last days or not Carl Gallups' new book will leave you with no questions! The stage has been set and Act One has already begun!
- Zach Drew, co-host of the Jim Bakker Show and host of Revelation in the News on the PTL Network
Not only is Carl Gallups a prophetic voice with a crucial message in these last days, the Lord has blessed him with biblical and spiritual insight to understand today's most complex issues facing Christians.
- - Laurie Cardoza Moore, Th.D - President & Producer -, ECOSOC NGO Special Envoy to the United Nations
For those of you still sitting on the fence, I urge you to dive deep into "When the Lion Roars." A more compelling argument that Christ's return is imminent, a more illuminated road map for deciphering God's prophetic sign posts, I have not found.
- Richard Syrett, host of The Conspiracy Show and guest host of Coast To Coast AM.
From the return of Israel to the newest technologies of transhumanism - Carl Gallups gets it. When The Lion Roars, delivers its message convincingly and with authority. Believe me, your life will be richer from having explored the pages of this book. Riveting!
- Dr. Tom Horn, bestselling author and CEO of SkyWatchTV
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This is another must-read book by a courageous and principled Christian who never flinches from stating the truth as he sees it.
- Dr. Grace Vuoto, nationally-syndicated radio host on the Salem Media Group and Editor of Politics and Culture at World Tribune.
While reading "When the Lion Roars" by Carl Gallups, you can hear the closeness of the roar! The Lion's roar echoes through your being as you realize now is the time and we are the generation that will see the coming of the Messiah!
- Pastor Mark Biltz, bestselling author of Blood Moons
With every turn of the page you will become increasingly convinced that we are living in the most profoundly prophetic days since Jesus Christ first walked the earth in the flesh. Captivating! Relevant! Essential!
- Pat Boone, Singer, actor, TV host, producer, songwriter, author
Carl Gallups' prophetic detective work in WHEN THE LION ROARS will stoke the fire of urgency and expectancy in even the coldest heart. Carl's passion for biblical prophecy and the return of Jesus is contagious! - Joel Richardson, NYT best selling author of The Islamic Antichrist
6. When a trumpet sounds in a city,
do not the people tremble?
When disaster comes to a city,
has not the Lord caused it?

7. Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan
to his servants the prophets.

8. The lion has roared -
who will not fear?
The Sovereign Lord has spoken-
who can but prophesy?

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When The Lion Roars is a must read! Carl puts modern events into the lens of biblical prophecy in a way that will have you thinking."
- Mike LeMay, Host - Stand Up For The Truth, Q90 FM Green Bay, WI.
An unprecedented demonic outpouring
WND Books
Washington D.C.
This book is as gripping as the title suggests and is impossible to put down once you open its pages. It's enough to keep you glued to the daily news and the prophetic Word of God from this day forward!
- Joseph Farah, CEO of WND Books and
Carl Gallups has entered the Bible prophecy community like a comet, reeling off one bestselling book after another. Carl is a prolific thinker and author. He cranks out thought-provoking titles like Stephen King produces horror novels.
- Jim Fletcher, Director of Prophecy Matters apologetic group, author, book critic, and many years in the book publishing industry
Pastor Gallups has done it again. 'When the Lion Roars' is for serious Christians who know the lateness of the hour and who want to understand clearly how geopolitical events relate to end times Biblical eschatology. A must read.
- Gregg Jackson, bestselling author, journalist, former talk radio host on KDAR and WRKO, and media personality.
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Carl contributed material, an endorsement, and is quoted several times in this book by award winning journalist and bestselling author Cheryl Chumley.
Carl contributed an entire chapter to this book along with other well known authors. The book is published by Dr. Tom Horn, CEO of SkyWatchTV and a bestselling author and movie producer.
Carl contributed consulting, an endorsement, and information for several chapters for this book written by national best selling author of Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies. Gregg is also a former radio talk show host with WRKO (Boston) and KDAR (Los Angeles) and has written articles for numerous nationally known publications.
Foreword - Joseph Farah
What if we were living in the most prophetic days since the first coming of Jesus Christ?

What if biblical prophecies were now coming together with pinpoint accuracy - like a flood?

What if you were shown the indisputable proof?
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Christian Prophecies
Christian Prophecies
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