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Live Jerusalem Webcam

Current local time in Israel

This stream is live - 24/7

You can turn the volume off and on with controls on camera image.

The image will periodically zoom in and out on its own, however, using the image controls in the lower left hand corner, you can manually control the zoom and camera direction.

(hover your mouse over area)
Additional Notes:
You are looking at the Temple Mount and the Western Wall of Solomon's Temple - or the Wailing Wall. In Hebrew it is called the ha-kotel.
You can see the Dome of the Rock on top of the Temple Mount.
The ha-kotel prayer area is split in two by a divider curtain. On the left is the side for men to pray. On the right is the women's side.
This camera will automatically zoom in and out on its own over a brief period of time.
Go to THIS WEBSITE for detailed information concerning what you are looking at in this camera view.