Taught by Pastor Carl Gallups (2021-2022)

IMPORTANT: You are urged to listen to this series from the beginning and progress forward, in order. These messages
build on each other with tons of scholarly, historical, and contextual biblical connections and references. If you only
listen to select teachings, you will most likely get lost in the depth of it because you've missed the background material
that came before it. Also, in the second session you will hear Pastor Carl Gallups read a quote from Dr. David Reagan's book "Wrath and Glory." That quote - a stunning admission - comes from pp. 112-113 in that book. You can read the transcript of the quote at the bottom of this page.

Pastor Carl Teaches Revelation from the standpoint of Historic Premillenialism- the ONLY systematic and literal method of the teaching of eschatology (the biblical study of last days events) in the Early Church for the first 300 YEARS. (See Dr. David Reagan's documented confirmation of this fact at the bottom of this page.)


1. Understanding the Rapture |Part 1|


2. Understanding the Rapture |Part 2|


3. The Book of Revelation |Intro - 1|


4. The Book of Revelation |Intro - 2|


5. The Book of Revelation |Chp. 1 - John on Patmos - First Vision|


6. The Book of Revelation |Chp. 2 - First 4 of the 7 Churches|


7. The Book of Revelation |Chp. 3 Last 3 of the 7 Churches|


8. The Book of Revelation. |Chp. 4 & 5 - The Throne Room|


9. The Book of Revelation. |Chp. 6 - The First 6 Seals|


10. The Book of Revelation. |Chp. 7 - The Last of the 6th Seal - The 144,000 & the Throng | Updated April '23
The Contextual and Biblical ID of the 144,000 begins at 17:13 - but we highly recommend you also listen to the intro material before that mark.


11. The Book of Revelation. |Chp. 8, 9, 10 - PART I - The 7 Trumpets|


12. The Book of Revelation. |Chp. 8, 9, 10 - PART II - The 7 Trumpets|


13. The Book of Revelation. |Chapter 10 - PART III - The 7 Trumpets|


14. The Book of Revelation. |Chapter 11 - PART 1 - The Two Witnesses|


15. The Book of Revelation. |Chapter 11 - PART 2 - Measure THE TEMPLE|


16. The Book of Revelation. |Chapter 12 -The BIG Picture|


17. The Book of Revelation. |Chapter 13 - THE BEAST OUT OF THE SEA|


18. The Book of Revelation. |Chapter 14 - The Completion of Chapter 13 |


19. The Book of Revelation. |Chapters 15-16 - The WRATH |


20. The Book of Revelation. |Chapter 17 - Mystery Babylon- Part 1 |


21. The Book of Revelation. |Chapter 18 - Mystery Babylon - Part 2|


22. The Book of Revelation. |Chapter 19 - Part 1|


23. The Book of Revelation. |Chapter 19 - Part 2|


24. The Book of Revelation. |Chapter 20 - Part 1|


25. The Book of Revelation. |Chapter 20 - Part 2|


26. The Book of Revelation. |Chapter 21|


27. The Book of Revelation. |Chapter 22|


PRE-TRIB Rapture Teaching Was NOT the Teaching of the Early Church.

Dr. David Reagan (An internationally renowned pretrib rapture teacher) says:

"The oldest viewpoint [about the doctrine of the rapture] is called historic premillennialism (Post Tribulation). It is termed "historic" for two reasons: to differentiate it from modern premillennialism [pre-trib] and to indicate that it was the historic position of the early church... This view is based on a literal interpretation of what the Bible says will happen in the End Times. One of its distinctive features is that it places the Rapture of the Church at the end of the Tribulation, combining it with the Second Coming as one event."

"This is the only systematic view of end-time events that existed during the first 300 years of the Church....Anyone who has studied the prophetic Scriptures will have to admit that the Church Father's viewpoint presents a plain sense summary of the Bible's teachings about the end times." (Emphasis in ALL CAPS is ADDED emphasis - and not that of Dr. Reagan.)

From Dr. Reagan's book - WRATH and GLORY pp. 112 and 113


Pastor Carl Says: The fact that Dr. Reagan is such an adamant believer in the pre-trib rapture and yet so clearly emphasizes the above statement of truth, is a stunning admission of contextual historical fact.

Pastor Carl Also Says: Since it is a documented truth that the historic premillenial view (post-trib/pre-wrath) rapture teaching was the only systematic teaching of the early church (for the first 300 years and largely for the next 1800+ years!), then we must also ask: 'Where did the early church get this teaching?' The answer is simple, and historical, and logical - they got it from the earliest disciples (Peter, James, and John were the first pastors of the very first church!), and THEY got it from Jesus. There simply can be no other answer.

It is unthinkable to imagine that Jesus would have given them a completely different view of biblical eschatology (like pre-trib) and then the disciples would have simply ignored Jesus, categorically, and began teaching post-tribulation doctrine. And that their "different doctrine" than what Jesus' taught them would have eventually become the only systematic eschatological view of the rapture for many generations into the future. It is unthinkable, because that's not what happened!

In fact, in both Luke 17 and Matthew 24, Jesus declared that the "coming of the Son of Man" will be "Just like it was in the days of Noah," and "Just like it was in the days of Lot." A thorough study of the days of Noah and Lot clearly show that both scenarios follow the same progression of their own "last days" events. They remained in their "world" preaching and teaching the truth of the coming wrath of God, and remained in their "worlds" through the worst days of the tribulation of their own times right up until the end. They and their families (representing the church of the last days - the only "righteous ones" left in their day) were "raptured" out just before the wrath of God fell...the flood (Noah) and the fire (Lot). Jesus could have not been more clear. And the early church fathers knew it!

AND...there's also this from Dr. David Reagan: "There is not one verse in the Bible which states that the Rapture will take place before the Tribulation." Dr. Reagan (Prophecy Conference at the Hebron Christian Church near Athens, GA. Hosted by Dr. Reagan) See this statement's attestation HERE

You might also want to read this coversation - which is purported to have been video-recorded and then posted by Richard H. Perry. The video conversation is transcribed at this article.

See It Here: Dr. Reagan tries to defend the Pre-Trib after declaring that the Bible does not say it "anywhere"!