World Religions-Quick Comparison Chart

Religion Name Founder The Gospel The Church God Jesus Salvation Jesus'
Biblical Christianity Jesus Christ Jesus ALONE saves from sin Those who are saved through biblical faith in Jesus Christ Trinity:  3 Persons in one God God in flesh by Grace ALONE Jesus rose in the same body he died in. The Bible ALONE
Christa- delphianism John Thomas
founded 1848
Faith in Christ and baptism Members of their church only One Person A man with a sin nature Baptism is required Yes The Bible is inspired. 
Elpis Israel, Eureka written by founder.
Christian Science Mary Baker Eddy
Religious beliefs of Jesus' teachings, not the atonement. A collection of spiritual ideas Impersonal Universal Presence A man in tune with the Divine Consciousness, not the Christ. Correct thinking No Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Miscellany
Freemasonry Founded in 1717 in London England as a men's secret society.
There are "many gospels" worldwide - all forming the one true gospel. You go to heaven by being a "good and faithful Mason." Famous quote among Masons -"Freemasonry is a good enough religion for me." A person has to believe in "a supreme being" and "an afterlife of sometype" in order to become a member. True name=APOLYON - commonly referred to in the lodge as the GRAND ARCHITECT OF THE UNIVERSE. A good man. A Prophet. NOT the ONLY way to salvation. One of many ways to the "celestial lodge in the sky." Keeping the laws and ordinance of their highly secretive organization. They take oaths unto death to keep the organization secret. YES - but for "christians" only. Studies in their specific literature. Each State has its own Monitor or handbook of ritual and procedure. Each lodge will have a religious book on its altar. Commonly the Bible, but also the Koran or Vedas, Book of Mormon, etc., depending upon where the lodge is located.
Islam Muhammad Faith in Allah and works n/a One God:  Allah.  Non Trinitarian A prophet.  Not God. by Allah's grace and man's works No. Qur'an, Hadith
Jehovah's Witnesses Charles T. Russell
founded 1879
Jesus opened the door for us to earn our salvation Members of their church only One Person Michael the archangel who became a man Keeping the commandments, being in their Organization No Studies in the Scriptures, The Watchtower and Awake Magazines
Judaism Moses and Abraham

Completely reject the Gospel of the New Testament Those born of the seed of Abraham or converts into the religion One Person An IMPOSTER "messiah" Keeping the Commandments, the Law and the rituals of the faith No Primarily The Old Testament Scriptures and the Talmud
Mormonism Joseph Smith
founded 1830
Jesus' atonement plus the Laws and ordinances of the gospel Members of their church only Triad - 3 gods. The brother of the devil and of all people Resurrected by grace, saved by doing works. Yes The Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants,
Pearl of Great Price
Oneness Pentecostal N/A Faith in Christ and baptism Members of their church only One Person
God in flesh By faith and baptism in their church Yes The Bible
Roman Catholic Church Jesus, Peter as the first "Pope" or father of the church, Mary as the "mother" of the church Membership in the Catholic church by baptism and Faith in Christ Members of their church only Trinity-One God in 3 persons
God in flesh, with heavy empahsis of Mary as the intercessor to Jesus Baptism into their church plus consistent partaking of the Catholic "sacraments". NOT by Grace alone. Yes The Bible plus the "Apocrapha" Church History and the declarations of the Pope can carry equal or greater weight in authority than the Bible itself.
Theosophy Madame Helena Blavatsky
founded 1875
n/a n/a God is a principle A great teacher * No The Secret Doctrine, Isis Unveiled, The Key to Theosophy, and The Voice of the Silence
Unity Charles Fillmore
founded 1889
The overall principles of Unity A collection of spiritual ideas Impersonal Universal Power A man, not the Christ Adopting the correct Unity thought principles No Unity Magazine, Metaphysical Bible Dictionary.
Way International Victor Paul Weirwell
Earned Members of their church only One Person A man, not God in flesh By works Yes Jesus Christ is Not God, Power for Abundant Living

THE MARKS OF A CULT (non Biblical Christianity)

A cult religion (outside the teachings of Biblical Christianity) will teach one or more, sometimes ALL of the following. From these fundamentals, you can do a quick research of a religious system and determine whether or not it is a cult.


1. Deny the Bible as the ONLY Word of God

2. Deny the Deity (God in the flesh) and the Sufficiency (He ALONE is the way to heaven) of Jesus Christ

3. Deny that Salvation is by God's Grace ALONE (They teach that ultimately you are saved by keeping a system of works, rituals, sacrements, etc. All, associated with THEIR religious system, of course.

4. Teach that if you do not belong to THEIR particular organization (ONLY) you will not be saved