The Story of Yitzhak Kaduri and His Prophecies of the Endtime
November 2013
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Mystical death-curses, visions of Messiah, a world political figure under threat, religious leaders in shock, a cryptic Kabbalistic death note ... THE STORY IS SHOCKING - THE STORY IS TRUE - THE STORY IS STILL UNFOLDING ...
By Carl Gallups
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Carl is a #1 best selling author (Amazon - Science & Religion), a senior pastor for 28 years, a former Florida law enforcement officer, and a long time conservative talk radio host broadcasting to a national and international audience. Carl is the founder of the internet sensation PPSIMMONS News and Ministries sites. He serves on the Board of Regents for the University of Mobile in Mobile, Alabama.
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Carl Gallups
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Jonathan Cahn - #1 NYT best selling author - THE HARBINGER
Joel Richardson - #1 NYT best selling author - MIDEAST BEAST
Dr. David Reagan - Christ In Prophecy TV - Lamb & Lion Ministries
Dr. Tim LeHaye - #1 NYT best selling author - LEFT BEHIND
I.Q. Al Rassooli - best selling author and former Iraqi born Muslim - LIFTING THE VEIL
Dr. Chuck Missler - renowned Bible teacher, conference speaker and author

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Not only is the amazing story of the Yitzhak Kaduri Messiah Prophecy unfolded before your eyes in startling fashion, but also this book contains so much more! In Carl's latest offering from WND Books you will learn about:

The messianic expectations of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity

Kabbalah - The ancient & mystical exploration of Jewish scriptures

The Zohar - The foundational work of the Kabbalah

Zionism and its many features and interpretations

The "two" Hebrew Messiahs - expected by today's Jews

The political implications of the still-unfolding story

A rich historical perspective of modern Israel

A fascinating biographical sketch of Ariel Sharon

An understanding of Biblical Endtime prophecy & the antichrist

Various Christian perspectives of Messiah expectations and scriptural analysis by renowned Christian authors and speakers

A deeper understanding of scripture with a focus on particularly amazing and profound passages

And several other startling surprises!

This book features a handy Scripture Index, an extensive Topical Index, and a Glossary of terms & concepts - as well as stunning pictures

You will be informed, inspired, encouraged, and enlightened through the creative and powerful easy-to-read writing style of Carl Gallups.
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