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Introduction Bio: Carl Gallups is the long-time senior pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Milton, Fla - since 1987. He is a bestselling author of multiple books, and a Top-60 bestselling Amazon author, a radio talk show host (since 2002) heard nationally and internationally (four times a week), and a radio and TV guest pundit on all things biblical and geopolitical. Carl is the founder of the globally viral PNN News and Ministry Network. Carl is a former decorated Florida law enforcement officer and also serves on the Board of Regents for the University of Mobile - in Mobile, AL. He is a graduate of FSU (B.Sc.), New Orleans Theological Seminary (M.Div.), and the Florida Law Enforcement Officer's Training Academy.

numerous media appearances, Carl has been a guest on Fox News Radio with Alan Colmes, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Janet Parshall's In The Market, The Jim Bakker Show, TBN with Pat Boone, and featured on Fox Business Report as an "influential Evangelical leader." (See MORE here)
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Interesting Facts:
*Carl opened the Pensacola, FL, Donald Trump Rally (Jan. 2016) - 15,000 in attendance.

*Carl was appointed "Special Deputy Sheriff" with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, by Sheriff Joe Arpaio In January 2016.

*Carl has provided material for books for three other acclaimed and bestselling authors. (Dr. Tom Horn, Cheryl Crumbley, Gregg Jackson)

* Carl was featured on FOX NEWS BUSINESS as "an influential evangelical leader supporting Donald Trump for president." He was featured along with Jerry Falwell, Jr. and Dr. Robert Jeffress.

Carl's Amazon Author Page: a detailed information source.
"Carl Gallups is quickly emerging as one of the most passionate and courageous talk show hosts in the country. He is absolutely fearless. Very few authors can write with this author's knowledge and deep understanding of the Christian faith and its many enemies." - Jeff Kuhner, host of the Kuhner Report (WRKO) and former correspondent for the Washington Times.
"Carl Gallups has been given the ability to answer the questions that are silently in all our hearts these days and to do so following God's Word."
- Jim Bakker, host of the Jim Bakker Show.
"Carl Gallups has entered the Bible prophecy community like a comet, reeling off one bestselling book after another. Carl is a prolific thinker and author. He cranks out thought-provoking titles like Stephen King produces horror novels." - Jim Fletcher, Director of Prophecy Matters apologetic group, author, book critic, and many years in the book publishing industry with Master Books, the world's largest publisher of Creation literature.
Jim Fletcher
Jim Bakker
Jeff Kuhner
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"Carl Gallups is an author who has the well-recognized gift of making complex topics understandable and enjoyable to study. [His writing is] Captivating! Relevant! Essential!" - Pat Boone, singer, actor, TV personality, songwriter, (God's Not Dead 2)
Pat Boone
"Carl is a master communicator, both orally and in writing. And he has a gift of being able to provide biblical interpretations to contemporary national and international issues." - Dr. David Reagan, President Lamb and Lion Ministries/Christ In Prophecy TV.
Dr. David Reagan
Joseph Farah
"One thing that always impresses me about Carl Gallups - a seasoned and bestselling author, senior pastor, radio host, and former law enforcement officer - is the amount of sheer investigative work, documentation, and biblical word-study he exhibits. It is enough to keep you glued to the daily news and the prophetic Word of God from this day forth. " - Joseph Farah, CEO, Founder -, WND Books.
"Carl Gallups is a man of God for our times. His annointed writing and preaching is impacting the world for the Kingdom of Yeshua in untold ways! " - Zev Porat, Director of Messiah of Israel Ministries - Tel Aviv, Israel.
Messianic Rabbi - Zev Porat
"Carl Gallups uses brilliantly simple language to tell the believing Christian just how to prepare for the final days." - Cheryl Chumley, award-winning journalist, columnist, and author of Police State and The Devil In D.C.
Cheryl Chumley
Dr. Laurie Cardoza-Moore
"Not only is Carl Gallups a prophetic voice with a crucial message in these last days, the Lord has blessed him with biblical and spiritual insight to understand today's most complex issues facing Christians." - Laurie Cardoza Moore, Th.D - President & Producer -, ECOSOC NGO Special Envoy to the United Nations
"Carl Gallups has the unique gift of combining both a breadth of knowledge regarding the Bible with a profound and detailed grasp of contemporary affairs. He brings clarity to many of the complex issues of our day by providing a Biblical perspective. He is America's quintessential Renaissance Man: one who understands the political and social turbulence of our age, but also has the knowledge of a scholar." - Dr. Grace Vuoto, nationally-syndicated radio host on the Salem Media Group and Editor of Politics and Culture at World Tribune.
Dr. Grace Vuoto
"Carl Gallups' prophetic detective work will stoke the fire of urgency and expectancy in even the coldest heart. Carl's passion for biblical prophecy and the return of Jesus is contagious!" - Joel Richardson, NYT best selling author of The Islamic Antichrist
Joel Richardson
"Few authors articulate the intellectual condition of the church as clearly and effectively as does Carl Gallups." - Dr. Mark Foley, Ph.D., President Emeritus, University of Mobile.
Dr. Mark Foley
"Carl puts modern events into the lens of biblical prophecy in a way that will have you thinking." - Mike LeMay, Host - Stand Up For The Truth, Q90 FM Green Bay, WI.
Mike LeMay
"As a Watchman on the wall, Carl courageously addresses "we the church" to get ready ... and to stand confidently on God's promise of redemption."
- Bill Martinez, nationally syndicated talk radio host of Bill Martinez Live (300+ markets) and over 40 years in the TV and radio broadcast industry.
"Carl Gallups is a rare man of unimpeachable character and integrity. I am proud to call him a ministry partner and friend. His dedication to Christ is undeniable, his passion for truth is second to none, and my life has been greatly enriched by Carl's obedience to Jesus."
- Mike Shoesmith, Executive Editor - PNN News and Ministry Network, author, syndicated blogger, talk radio co-host of Freedom Friday With Carl Gallups
Bill Martinez
Mike Shoesmith
Amazon TOP-60 Bestselling Author
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"In this hour of all-but-universal darkness, a bright ray of hope and confidence shines forth from the truths in Carl's books. In a time when lives are marked by a growing hunger for spiritual realities, a hunger that cannot be satisfied with unanswered questions ignored and evaded, Carl Gallups, with remarkable ability and profound truths from Scripture, reveals the truth that real science and Holy Scripture are inseparably linked."
- Dr. Fred Lackey (1935-2016), Assistant to the President - University of Mobile, Past President - Alabama Baptist Convention
Dr. Fred Lackey
Opening Florida Donald Trump Rally - 2016
Carl Featured on Fox News - 2016
Carl Deputized by Sheriff Joe Arpaio - Jan. 2016
"What the world needs is a review about what has happened biblically in the last few decades and how that corresponds with present and coming events. Author, Carl Gallups, accomplishes this in his book, When the Lion Roars." - Dr. Herman Bailey 40-year host of It's Time with Herman & Sharron
Dr. Herman Bailey
"Carl Gallups is a Pastor with PASSION! I recently heard a quote that is most fitting. He has a Passion for: "His Neighbors...His Nation... and the Next Generation." His books will introduce many to what we (his friends and colleagues) already know...Carl Gallups is a man on a mission!"
- Dr. John Roger Breland - FOUNDER (World Renowned Group - TRUTH), Vice Pres. for Project Development, Exec. Dir. - Center for Performing Arts,University of Mobile - Mobile, Ala.- Actor in the motion picture "FlyWheel" - Sherwood Pictures
Dr. Roger Breland
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