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"Carl Gallups is quickly emerging as one of the most passionate and courageous talk show hosts in the country. He is absolutely fearless." - Jeff Kuhner THE Kuhner Report, WRKO - Boston and columnist for the The Washington Times
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Join in on the conversation every Friday afternoon. Best selling author, former FL lawman, and long-time conservative talk show host, pastor Carl Gallups, hosts and leads in the lively discussion of all things political and "religious." He sits in the OVAL OFFICE of Gulf Coast Conservative Talk Radio and YOU are invited in - every Friday! 850.623.1330

Carl is not afraid to be politically incorrect and he unashamedly comes from a Biblical worldview. Regional, national and international events and breaking news spiced with lively conversation, prophetic insight and colorful opining make this a truly unique show of which YOU can be a part!

You will get information, news and commentary here like you will get nowhere else. This is your chance to be heard by a national and international listening audience. Make your views known. Agree - doesn't matter - it's YOUR TURN!

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