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Defender Publishing - Crane, MO. | Oct. 2017
"Carl Gallups does it again! He's blown the lid off one of the most explosive geopolitical and religious revelations in history!" - Derek Gilbert, Host, SkyWatch TV
"A fabulous end time page turner! A Masterpiece! You're going to love this book!" - Messianic Rabbi Zev Porat (Tel Aviv) Founder of Messiah of Israel Ministries.
Defender Publishing - Crane, MO. | Aug. 2018
From the internationally acclaimed and Amazon TOP- 60 bestselling author who wrote "The Rabbi, The Secret Message and the Identity of Messiah"
Please note: It is not necessary to read the "GODS" series in any particular order. They each stand alone.

However, if a serious student of God's Word were to read them all, I am convinced that they would then have a tremendous grasp of some of the deepest truths of the Word of God - a perspective that would forever change your understanding of the connectivity of the scriptures in our day - and in your life!

Carl Gallups
Defender Publishing - Crane, MO. | June 2019
Defender Publishing - Crane, MO. | Feb. 2019
Carl Gallups' AMAZON runaway best seller of Feb. 2019!

#1 best seller in 8 different Amazon categories!

In the top 300 of ALL BOOKS sold by Amazon!
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This book will rock your Bible reading world!
Released March 2020
Released March 2020