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About Carl Gallups
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Carl named in TOP 25 Conservative Talk Radio Hosts In The Nation. TOPTALKRADIO.COM. HERE
Carl Gallups - bestselling author, senior pastor (since 1987), talk radio host heard nationally,TV and radio guest commentator, former Florida law enforcement officer, founder of the PPSIMMONS News and Ministry Network, member of the Board of Regents at the University of Mobile in Mobile, Alabama.

Carl has appeared (among many others) on the Alan Colmes Show (Fox News Radio), The Andrea Tantaros Show (Fox News THE FIVE Analyst),The Sam Sorbo Show, The MANCOW Show, TBN TV, Atlanta Live TV, Christ In Prophecy TV, The Dove Network TV, Janet Parshall, Bill Martinez Live, Stand Up For Truth Radio, The IRN/USA Radio Talk, The TRN Radio Network, The Katherine Albrecht Show, Coast To Coast AM With George Noory, The Richard Syrett Show (Toronto), and has appeared in The Washington Times, The World Tribune,, and scores of other prominent media outlets. Carl has preached to many tens of thousands of people from coast to coast including Hawaii and Alaska, and also in Canada, Israel, and Peru.

THE RABBI WHO FOUND MESSIAH (This book was also made into a documentary DVD by WND Films)

Dr. Chuck Missler (Founder Koinonia House Ministries) says: With great skill, scholarship, and penetrating Scriptural insights, Carl Gallups explodes one of the biggest bombshells of our lifetime. The implications of these astonishing declarations from the most venerated ultra-orthodox rabbi in Israel impacts every one of us - not just those of the traditional Jewish faith. This is a must-read for anyone who takes God seriously.

Dr. Tim LeHaye (Author of the #1 bestselling LEFT BEHIND series) says: When a much loved Jewish Rabbi dies at 108 years of age, shortly after leaving a secret message revealing the true identity of the Messiah of Israel, it is news of worldwide significance. This is a well-written story worth reading!

THE MAGIC MAN IN THE SKY: Effectively Defending The Christian Faith was Carl Gallups' first book and was released in May 2012 - It immediately soared to #1 Best Seller & #1 in Hot New Releases within days. (Amazon - Science and Religion) and in July was #400 in OVERALL books on Amazon. In 2013 this book was STILL on several Amazon best sellers lists and earning 5 star reviews.

This book was featured on TBN TV, DOVE TV, CHRIST IN PROPHECY TV, COAST UP CLOSE TV, CREATION TODAY TV, ATLANT LIVE TV, The Janet Parshall Show - IN THE MARKET, The Washington Times,, The FSU News magazine, The New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary News magazine and scores of radio programs in hundreds of markets around the world.

"Few authors articulate the intellectual condition of the church as clearly and effectively as does Carl Gallups in his new book, The Magic Man in the Sky. Compelling storytelling, careful construction of thought, and solid theological foundations provide one of the best defenses of a biblical world view currently available. I solidly endorse Gallups' work." -Dr. Mark Foley, Ph.D. President, University of Mobile

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"Carl Gallups is quickly emerging as one of the most passionate, courageous and stimulating Christian radio talk-show hosts in the country. He is absolutely fearless."

- Jeffrey T. Kuhner, Columnist - Washington Times, national radio talk-show host WKRO - Boston - THE KUHNER REPORT (Fill-in host for Savage Nation and Rusty Humphries) and President of the Edmund Burke Institute for American Renewal in Washington D.C.

Atlanta - LIVE
Senior Pastor (since 1987)
Former FL Lawman - two different Sheriff's offices and the Fl Dept. of Corrections
Veteran Talk Radio Host (Since 2002)
Bestselling Author
Writer/Columnist - Newspaper, Syndicated Blog, PPSIMMONS,
Popular TV and Radio Guest Commentator (Religion, Prophecy, Politics, Current Events)
Copyright - Carl Gallups Ministries, LLC., 2012 - All Rights Reserved
Carl on CHRIST IN PROPHECY TV - Dr. David Reagan (Aired on TBN - The Church Channel)
Member - Board of Regents, University of Mobile - Mobile, Al
Carl says, "The number one goal of my life is to advance the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. God has called me to declare the contextual truth of His Word, and that calling is my life's passion. My life is based upon a distinctly Biblical worldview. I do not apologize for that worldview or for asking God to open doors of opportunities through which I might proclaim the truths of His grace and mercy in Jesus Christ. Through producing short teaching videos, writing books, preaching from a pulpit, appearances on TV or radio, hosting radio talk programs, or using the tools of the Internet - my desire is to faithfully represent the truths of God's majestic Word."
Best Selling Books and DVDs by Carl Gallups and WND Books

Graduate - F.S.U., Fl Police Academy, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div.)